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 Just Arrived!

We have just launched three delicious products: Clotted Cream, Double Cream and Rolled Labneh

Our products are all healthy alternatives to the commercially produced yoghurts so prevalent today. One of the added benefits to our products is that they are not only fantastic by themselves as yoghurt, labneh or kefir, but are amazing when used in various cooking and baking recipes, smoothies and health shakes. Our recipes page will be up soon, to give you an even better experience of the delicious Milkwood product range

Strained yoghurt

Our Double Cream Strained Yoghurt is handstrained, which gives it the decadent, thick creamy texture which commercially produced yoghurts try and achieve through the use of cheap thickeners, emulsifiers, stabilisers and milk powders.

Produced locally

Milkwood Dairy is situated in Geelhoutboom, just outside of George and the Milkwood products are produced in George itself, using the freshest milk produced by our herd of Friesland cows, in the shadow of the Outeniqua mountains.

Live Cultures

All of our products contain live cultures. These live cultures promote a healthy gut giving you a healthy dairy option for whichever meal of the day you use them for. If you are looking for some sweetness, just add honey!



The Milkwood Double Cream Strained Yoghurt is simply delicious! Eaten by itself for breakfast, with some honey for pudding or used in baking and cooking, you just cannot go wrong with this yoghurt!

Catering & Wholesale

Because Milkwood products are produced using full cream milk and are hand-strained, they have a higher fat content which makes them  ideal for cooking and baking with. Contact us for wholesale and catering options

Natural and healthy

Because our products all contain live cultures, they are the best dairy option for you. We strive to bring you a product that is as close to its natural and traditional form as possible, without using the common, cheap additives such as emulsifiers, stabilisers, thickeners and preservatives so prevalent in the commercially produced yoghurts of today.


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