About Our Products

100% natural home-made milk products from the Garden Route

Our cows graze grass, clover and lucerne pastures year round

Greek Yoghurt:
Additionally strained for 4/6 hours to give a decadent, rich yoghurt that has double the protein content and half the carbohydrates of regular yoghurt. Many may already be familiar with this product from the commercially produced Greek ‘style’ yogurts on the market. The thick texture is achieved commercially through the addition of thickeners, stabilizers and emulsifiers. Our yogurt, however, is made the traditional way where the yogurt is strained in large muslin bags for a number of hours depending on the consistency you require and desire.

This fermented milk drink, originating in the North Caucasus Mountains of Eastern Europe, is sometimes known as effervescent milk. Due to the fermentation process of the kefir bacteria (where the natural products are carbon dioxide and alcohol) there may be a slight fizz to the milk, there may be a sound when you open the milk (almost like when you open a carbonated drink) or the bottle may feel firm. This is perfectly normal and no need for concern. The Kefir is made in open containers with a light covering so the alcohol can evaporate. Kefir is also fairly sour and can have a taste and aroma most commonly associated with sour dairy products – if you are not familiar with either Kefir or other cultured milk drinks (maas or buttermilk to the South African palate) this may alarm you, however it is also perfectly normal and no cause for concern.

Plain Yoghurt:
Made purely from 100% whole milk and live probiotic cultures – with great quality milk, nothing much needs to be added to make extraordinary dairy products. On a whole, we at Milkwood Dairy are seeking to find healthier more ‘whole’ ingredients to substitute the more commonly found diary products in super markets today where shelf life is king and the addition of other, unfavourable ingredients common place.

Very closely related to strained yogurt (Greek yogurt), Labneh has its origins in the middle east and is found in a number of varients. Our Labneh starts the same way as all of our other yogurt products with fresh whole farm milks and live culture and probiotics. Once the yogurt is made the Labneh process starts by straining the yoghurt in muslin bags for 24-28hours. The dry curd is removed from the bags and mixed with a little salt – many may prefer their labneh slightly saltier but we like to keep the salt levels slightly lower so that this thick ,cream cheese style cheese, can still be used in sweet dishes if you so wish.